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I love every minute of her classes. A delicate blend of laughter and torture. 



Teresa understands that each body has its own mark of fitness and she works to bring that out. Fun, funny, and fabulous you want to workout because it's time spent with a great friend!!!



Teresa's class is the best part of my day: she makes me laugh, helps me have fun, makes me strong, pushes me, helps me appreciate my body.

She is hands down the BEST fitness coach I've ever had!!! Any class you teach, sign me up!!!



Teresa is energetic, motivational, sparkly, and bright. Everyone who knows her, loves her. And anyone who trains with her, loves to get their butt kicked by her. She is an amazing woman and very passionate and open-minded about fitness. 



Teresa's classes are fun and fabulous just like her. 


TMI Time! Went to have a mammogram this morning (do it!).


The technician all of sudden asks me - "Do you work out?" 

I'm a bit baffled, not know where this conversation is going. "Uh...yeah?"

Tech: "I can see your pec muscles in the scan.

That was an unexpected compliment. So ladies, take Teresa's classes if you want to be complimented at the most random moments. 

Before I met Teresa, I didn't know how to exercise. Especially not without hurting myself, (I have some orthopedic quirks). But Teresa helped me with all of that, because she's super knowledgeable, compassionate, motivating, and FUN! Working with her gave me practical, functional knowledge that I will have *forever,* and it didn't come with any weird judgements or normative nonsense. She helped me build real strength and I will always be so grateful for that. Also, now I have cool arms. I had to move away so I don't get to see her much anymore, but I am VERY envious of anyone who gets to work out with her!

Sarah B.

Happy Anniversary Teresa R. Ellis of Pilates Barre & Jams!

A year ago I was still trying to figure out what was happening in my feet. (It ended up being really bad bursitis) I was realizing I couldn't do my usual go-to activities like hiking, walking, and dancing and given that I was barely leaving the house recognizing I needed something that would help me feel active and strong.

I started doing twice weekly virtual private sessions with Teresa and somehow here I am a year later still finding my way as an OPP-i.e. Official Pilates Practitioner under her fabulous mentorship.

I had tried Pilates once or twice before and my initial reaction was- this is NOT for me. When I first started working with Teresa, I kind of felt the same way about it. I knew it would be good for me to have a strong core or whatever but kind of began from a place of resignation. I don't know when it began to change but suddenly I was feeling it. The thing about Teresa is she isn't your usual Pilates teacher.

She brings her full self and then will cheer you on, she will tease you, she will push you, she will explain things over and over using different metaphors and approaches until they stick, she will use accessible and queer language that makes Pilates fun, she'll break out into song, she'll share all the puns, she'll commiserate about injustice, she'll love on your pets, and often your workout includes laughing hysterical together over something or another.


A year later, I am stronger, more flexible, and my butt isn't looking too shabby if I might say.

So HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Teresa - thank you for the immeasurable gifts you bestow on everyone who gets to soak in your fabulousness. No matter where you live or what kind of strength you are looking for, consider taking a class or signing up for sessions with PBJ. You won't regret it.

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